Thursday, April 10, 2008

David Brock, Dems plan $40M hit on McCain

It is going to be ugly. SwiftBoat and Willie Horton might seem mild in comparison, or maybe in the same league. An interesting aspect of this is who will be head of what's expected to be the main vehicle for independent Democratic attacks on McCain, now called Progressive Media USA ... David Brock, now best known as the ex-conservative founder of the liberal group Media Matters.

A hot personality; he believes passionate is whatever he believes.

Brock's remarkable emergence as a leader of the Democratic party's shadow campaign efforts marks a milestone in a long personal journey that began in the early 1990s with the notoriety he gained from magazine stories written for The American Spectator, a conservative monthly. Among his controversial articles was one alleging that Bill Clinton had used Arkansas state troopers to facilitate his philandering, a piece that set the wheels in motion for Paula Jones to file suit against Clinton for sexual harassment. In 1993, Brock authored The Real Anita Hill, a critical book about the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

The inevitable twist: Brock later apologized to Clinton in a public letter and broke publicly with the conservative movement. He wrote about his disillusionment in his 2002 memoir Blinded by the Right, and Hillary Clinton later helped him establish Media Matters, which criticizes reporters for alleged right-wing "misinformation."

I added emphasis.

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