Monday, April 7, 2008

A liberal columnist's analysis

Balancing Kristol's take on matters political, this column by Frank Rich coul dbe used as a road map to completely discredit John McCain as geopolitically ignorant, strategically uninformed, and a political dummy.

Perhaps all these mistaken judgments can be attributed to the fog of war. But Mr. McCain’s bigger strategic picture, immutable no matter what happens on the ground, is foggier still. Like Mr. Bush, he keeps selling Iraq as the central front in the war on Al Qaeda. But Al Qaeda was not even a participant in the Basra battle, which was an eruption of a Shiite-vs.-Shiite civil war. (Al Qaeda is busy enough in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the actual central front in the war on terror.)

A debate between Obama and McCain, in which these sorts of points are raised, will devastate McCain.

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