Thursday, April 10, 2008

McCain, in Shift, Seeks U.S. Help for Homeowners

Oops, I changed my mind. One can do that, right?

Senator John McCain was introduced by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at an event in Brooklyn on Thursday.

John McCain, who drew criticism last month after he warned against broad government action to solve the deepening mortgage crisis, pivoted Thursday and called for the government to help qualified homeowners with subprime mortgages refinance and get federally guaranteed 30-year mortgages.

Watch this: I can do a 180º turn; whee! Oh, and the obfuscating spin follows, shrouded in the flag and apple pie.

“There is nothing more important than keeping alive the American dream to own your home, and priority number one is to keep well-meaning, deserving home owners who are facing foreclosure in their homes,” Mr. McCain said in Brooklyn, where he held a round-table discussion with small-business owners.

Nicely done, Mr. Bush, er, Mr. McCain. When Senator Kerry did this sort of thing, Republicans called a flip-flop; I imagine Democrats remember that one.

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