Sunday, April 13, 2008

Now she's from the MidWest

The spin continues. The Senator from New York (gawd, the sound of that grates) is now claiming her MidWestern roots: The Clinton campaign is parsing every word, focusing on what Sen. Obama said about religion, guns, immigration and trade. Sen. Clinton hit all those themes in lengthy comments to manufacturing workers in Indianapolis. "I was raised with Midwestern values and an unshakable faith in America and its policies," she said.

Do those policies include NAFTA? Somebody has got to ask this question.

And she got religion, too: "I grew up in a churchgoing family," she continued. "The people of faith I know don't "cling" to religion because they're bitter. People embrace faith not because they are materially poor, but because they are spiritually rich."

If she had a conscience, would she be able to live with it? Doubtful: she'd ditch it.

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