Saturday, April 12, 2008

Officer Accused of a Second Career: Robbing Banks

An amazing story. This guy seems to have been stellar: he had won a “full scholarship” to Rye Country Day School in Westchester County, had a 3.6 index at John Jay College, and had fulfilled his dream by becoming a cop. Somewhere, though, something happened, and he decided to rob banks to get cash.

Officer Torres, police officials said, committed three robberies at two branches of Sovereign Bank — twice in Manhattan and once in Pennsylvania — apparently using some of the $118,305 for a new car, for a diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend and to pay off his student loans.

On November 16, the police said, he bought a 2008 Toyota Scion, putting down $18,500 in cash on a $23,000 vehicle. Also in November, he returned to John Jay and paid off $2,500 in college cadet loans with three postal money orders. And, sometime in the last two months, he bought his girlfriend a 1.5-carat diamond engagement ring, according to the police.

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