Friday, April 4, 2008

W and Vlad meet and talk

President Bush and President Putin exchange views on missile defense systems and other topics. But all is not well. What is Vlad thinking?

You talkin' to me?
Did I hear you right?
Are these things working?
I really need to go to the can. (Raising two hands, not just one.)

In a closed meeting with NATO leaders, Putin was described by officials as both combative and thoughtful, criticizing NATO's promise to eventually make Ukraine and Georgia members. "NATO cannot guarantee its security at the expense of other countries' security," he said, according to one official, and complained that some NATO members, presumably those formerly under Soviet occupation, "went as far as total demonization of Russia and can't get away from this even now."

In one of his odder comments about relations with NATO, he told reporters: "Let's be friends, guys, and be frank and open."

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