Friday, May 16, 2008

Bill Clinton: In Defense of Michigan and Florida

Bubba's still flapping his lip. When will this man ever shut up? Not soon enough.

Today, at the first of five campaign events in Kentucky, just days ahead of the May 20 primary here, the former president said the lack of attention to the unseated Michigan and Florida delegates was proof that the party and the political pundits are trying to force Democrats to get in line behind Obama.

Wonder what the party folks are thinking about the former president; thinking, but not saying. Fairly easy to guess.

The former President also continues to spend time on the campaign trail accusing Senator Barack Obama of not following the rules set by the Democratic party in Florida to avoid all campaigning in that state after it moved its primary date ahead in the calendar against the wishes of the party. Clinton says that when Obama bought national campaign ads, he did so because he knew they would play in the Florida television market and influence the voters there, despite the party ban on campaigning in the sunshine state.

So by buying national ads the Illinois Senator deliberately campaigned in Florida; never mind that national ads played, well, nationally.

What a putz.

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