Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clinton Ally Switches to Obama, Expects 'Attack Dogs'

He's ready. He knows whereof he speaks.

Joe Andrew, who was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 1999 with Bill Clinton's blessing, held a news conference Thursday in Indianapolis to announce his support of Obama and to urge other superdelegates to unite behind Obama in order to "heal the rift in our party."

"Don't settle for the tried and true and simplistic slogans, but listen to your heart and dare to be inspired," he wrote. Andrew said he would always be grateful to President Bill Clinton for making him the youngest DNC chairman ever, but said the party did not have to be guided by "blind loyalty." And the long and often bitter Democratic primary battle is helping Republican John McCain, Andrew warned.

I agree.

In an interview with ABC News, Andrew says he knows what's coming from his friends at the Clinton campaign. "The same words will come out of the [Clinton campaign's] surrogates' mouths to attack me that the Republicans used — and that demonstrates the very hypocrisy of the old politics," he says. "We need to unite the party. You can actually be for someone without being against someone else."

They don't think so.

"The math for this is simple," Andrew tells ABC News. "A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to continue this process."

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