Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NZ man tries marijuana barter, in front of policeman

File this one under stupidity.

Man arrested over barter mishap
A New Zealand man who tried to barter marijuana for snacks overlooked one important problem - a policeman was standing right behind him. Wade Churchward, 28, paid a late-night visit to a Wellington petrol station to buy chocolates and crisps. When - with the sweets half-eaten - he realised he had no money, he offered the cashier 12g of marijuana and a pipe for smoking it. But he failed to notice the police car outside and the officer next in line.

The policeman promptly arrested the mechanic who, the Dominion Post said, had been drinking. On Monday he pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis and other unrelated charges, the newspaper said, and will be sentenced on 3 July.

What a duffus. Putz.

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