Friday, May 23, 2008

A short and a CFO

These pictures are from a story in the WSJ about Lehman Brothers: the man is a hedge fund manager that questions Lehman's numbers, and, also, is short the stock; the woman is CFO of Lehman. So much for the facts; they don't matter much to me. And the story is just another one from the financial pages; one of many.

What does interest me is the dress of the two: he wears a white shirt and a tie; she wears an open-necked blouse and a simple necklace. A further point that occurs to me is that he looks focused and determined, whilst she looks almost stunned. Maybe it's just a different type of intensity. A closer look does reveal to me that she is just as intense-looking as he is.

A couple of other pictures are also interesting. The one of Einhorn is of his being at the World Series of Poker (WSJ: "wearing a lucky sweatshirt emblazoned with the handprints of his wife and three children, he finished in 18th place in the World Series of Poker's main event in Las Vegas"); notice the silly cap. The one of Callan is of her in, presumably, her office ("Erin Callan is known for being frank, fashionable.").

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