Friday, May 30, 2008

The Trap: Clinton's "Briarpatch" Strategy For The DNC Rules Committee Meeting

Bloggers, as a rule, know it all. And at the Huffington Post the self-righteousness is raised to an art form. Yet this is an intriguing post.

Barack Obama and Howard Dean are about to walk into Harold Ickes' trap tomorrow, and they aren't likely to even realize their mistake until Hillary Clinton cries "foul!" next week and announces that "justice" and "voters' rights" are forcing her to carry her campaign all the way to the Democratic Convention next August.

Even if they are that simple-minded, Speaker Pelosi is waiting to end this thing.

By leaning toward implementing a compromise "split the baby" decision tomorrow on how to allocate the Michigan and Florida delegates ... will actually be ... are giving her exactly the excuse she wants to continue her Quixotic campaign.

Remains to be seen. Still, this blogger is sure: The rules meeting is a trap. It's a trap, and the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party are about to walk blindly into it.

Are they that naive? If they can't parry with Ickes, the GOP will annihilate them.

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