Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama-Clinton ticket: a dream or nightmare?

The corpse of the campaign is hardly cold, and the speculation has started in earnest, as the media needs to have a high-intensity topic available every day to pick over. And it isn't analysis that is done, not much; what is done is searching for a dicey, a hot, a provocative, a controversial item to wave, to pick over, to dissect. The topic of the day: not that Senator Clinton will concede (speculation has it happening on Friday, in two days), but whether she will get chosen as Senator Obama's VP.

A dream? I say it'd be a nightmare. Reason one: Bubba.

Clinton's aides and surrogates are boldly pitching her for the No. 2 spot even as many of them, like her, refuse to acknowledge she's failed in her quest for No. 1. Instead, she said she's open to being Obama's running mate.

Spin, of course; they are, the Clintonites, spinmeisters, addicted to spin almost as much as addicted to power and campaigning. I haven't lost, but I'm open to being number two.

For months, she's cast her rival as wet behind the ears and herself as the one to be trusted to deal with crises in the middle of the night. In an Obama-Clinton White House, he'd take the 3 a.m. call. She might or might not be awakened.

This is an example of how media types needs to find a "meaty" matter. The last primeries were yesterday, and already there is the search for tidbits, instead of doing some analysis.

For his part, Obama has painted Clinton as a figure of another time and himself as a clean break from all that's past and passe about Washington. He'd be eager to bring in his own team, to bring "change," the coin of his realm.

Yup. These are the horns of a dilemma: sell his soul for the right candidate (right to some, wrong to many others), or pick someone such as the governor of Ohio (Ted Strickland; I had to google ohio governor to get the name -- proof of the other side of the dilemma: who is better known that Hillary? And that has two sides too: her being known is, in great part, a very strong negative).

Then there's Bill, a man of deep experience, in-your-face opinions and more baggage than a boxcar.

Bubba is a huge negative. Yet, politicians deal in reality, and Obama is a politician.

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