Thursday, June 5, 2008

U.S. and British Diplomats Held by Zimbabwe Police

This seems to push things quite far, attacking diplomatic personnel.

Zimbabwean police detained U.S. and British diplomats on Thursday, slashing the tires of their cars after they visited victims of political violence ahead of a presidential election run-off, the U.S. embassy said. "Police put up a roadblock, stopped the vehicles, slashed the tires, reached in and grabbed telephones from my personnel, and the war veterans (Mugabe's supporters) threatened to burn the vehicles with my people inside unless they got out and accompanied police to a station nearby," U.S. Ambassador James McGee said in an interview on CNN.

Pure intimidation; but of diplomats?

In an indicator of Zimbabwe's rapid economic decline, its dollar currency plunged to a new low of between 995 million and 1.45 billion to the greenback on Thursday from an average 700 million at the beginning of the week.


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