Tuesday, July 22, 2008

India's Government Survives

This TV grab image taken from the NDTV News channel shows Ashok Argal of India's main opposition Hindu nationalist BJP holding up bundles of notes in the lower house of parliament.

In the US Congress the term used is "special interests" -- in India's parliament they apparently simply call it money.

India's government survived a confidence vote, but not before the process was thrown into disarray when opposition parliamentarians brandished large bundles of cash on the floor of the legislature, alleging opposition legislators had been offered bribes to abstain from the vote. The margin of victory for the government was a wider-than-expected 275-256.

The Journal's front cover shows a great picture of Indian PM Manmohan Singh. And a story on page A10 shows other hand gestures.
Indian lawmakers gathered Monday to debate the no-confidence vote. Suraj Bhan (right) was one of several lawmakers participating who is serving a jail sentence.

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