Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oy, Cristina

Seems La Presidenta Cristina Fernández can't get her agrarian law passed no which way : her vice president, Julian Cobos, who is also head of the Senate, voted against it. Not difficult to imagine, is it, just how pissed off the Kirchners are right about now.

El Paí has a story on it: Argentine Senate knocks down the tariff law is the headline; the subhead reads the chamber president and VP of the nation breaks the technical tie in favor of "no" after a debate of more than 17 hours. Peronism receives a hard knock. "It doesn't cross my mind to resign," affirms veep.
La Nación, Buenos Aires, has many a commentary. I took one.

This is a major defeat. Cristina put on a full-court press to get it passed, including making a major speech in the main plaza. Nestor did not hide he was twisting arms and knocking heads to get it done. Not only was the bill defeated, not only did it not pass, but the one vote that defeated it is Cristina's VP.
Argentinian blogs are buzzing, of course. This picture has Cobos as San Martín. Another shows Cristina at Nestor's funeral: notice the other military, on the right, placing the wreath of honor on the casket.

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