Friday, September 26, 2008

Bill Clinton’s Return Poses a Test of Party Loyalty

Bubba is tough to love; I find it difficult to like him. His loyalty seems more to himself than his party. Of course he praises Hillary; he owes her big time. He praises McCain and Palin, and seems to have to swallow (pun intended: she didn't swallow, that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, just as Bill didn't inhale) to say nice things about the candidate of his party, Barack Obama.

“People will wind up liking both of them,” Mr. Clinton said. “People will go in that polling booth and say: ‘You know, I really admire Senator McCain. He gave about all you could give to this country without getting killed for it. But I’ve got to have a change, and I’m going the other way."

By “the other way,” he apparently meant Mr. Obama

Quite an endorsement, no?

“Is it me, or he didn’t want to say the name ‘Barack Obama’?” the comedian Chris Rock asked with barely contained anger when he appeared Monday night on “Late Show With David Letterman” immediately after Mr. Letterman’s 15-minute interview with Mr. Clinton.

On Larry King Live” the next night, Mr. Clinton said that while John McCain was a friend — one who had “stood up to his party” to help normalize relations with Vietnam, “stood up to stop ethnic cleansing in Bosnia,” and was a national hero — Mr. Obama’s political views “are much closer to what Hillary and I want.”

Closer to what they want? They? Not the party? Schmuck.

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