Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Ike's moving deep into the Gulf, and Houston is under threat. Gov. Rick Perry today urged coastal residents in Hurricane Ike's path to evacuate immediately, describing it as a storm that could swamp houses in Galveston and other areas to at least their eaves. That's from a Houston Chronicle piece.

Its progress is something to behold.

Hannah leaving the Northeast, Ike approaching Cuba.

Ike over western Cuba

Ike past the Florida Keys

Ike inside the Gulf

Ike south of Mississippi

Ike south of Louisiana

Barreling toward the coast

Where will Ike hit?

Sept 12 11.45UTC

13 Sept 1.45 UTC (20.45 EDT)

13 Sept 3.45 UTC (22.45 EDT)

13 Sept 13.45 UTC (8.45 EDT)

9-13 19.45 UTC (14.45 EDT)

14 Sept 2.15 UTC (21.15 EDT)

14 Sept 3.45 UTC (22.45 EDT)

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