Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lots a'People Could Use Cash Infusion

Dude, I could use a bailout meself. So could a lot of other folks.

Barney "Big Un" Baumgartner of Windblown, Wyo., invited the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury Department to take over his business, The Big Un 24 Hour Tow Service and Trophy Taxidermy.

Windblown, Wyoming is way out there, in the middle of nowhere. Poor dude needs as much help as Bear Stearns did, or as much help as AIG needed, and his chances of getting help are a hell of a lot smaller than Bear's (which doesn't exist in the same guise as it did) or AIG's (which is somehwre in the netherworld).

And that is the shame of it all: if AIG fails, if Bear Stearns disappears, if Wachovia is flushed down the toilet, if WaMu is gone, each of these is considered calamitous, yet if Big Un goes out of business, Secretary Hank andf Chairman Ben don't give much of a shit. Neither does the President, George Doublayou, that good ole boy from Connecticut (Kah-neck-tee-kuht), nor Vice Preesiduhnt Deeck Chay-nuh; they might say they do, or did, if they needed to, but they dunt. And the biggest freeging shame is that many of the Barney Big Uns would and probably will vote Republicans.

Freegin' idiots.

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