Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another analysis of debate # 2

This analyst sees it as an Obama win.

Needing a dominating performance to close a widening gap with Barack Obama in the polls, John McCain turned in a weak and at times disrespectful performance at Tuesday's presidential debate that should only see his campaign drop further behind, and could raise more questions about the Republican candidate's temperament and fitness to lead.

That's pretty clear, concise and to the point: McCain lost.

In a format that was expected by many to favor the Arizona Senator, McCain came off erratic, at one time saying he would solve the economic crisis by instituting an across the board freeze on non-defense spending, while at the same time calling for the government to buy up hundreds of thousands of defunct mortgages, possibly through the use of good vibes or further loans from China the U.S. doesn't have the money to pay off.

Say it ain't so, John; there you go again.

In a moment that will certainly be lampooned prominently on Saturday Night Live and will rack up the hits on Youtube, McCain, while discussing an energy bill he opposed, pointed at Obama and referred to him as 'that one', a move that on the positive side for the Arizona Senator may get people to forget about his widely-criticized inability to look Obama in the eye or call him by his first name during the first presidential debate.

Maybe I'll watch SNL.

when asked who he would appoint as Treasury secretary, McCain joked "not you Tom" to a deafening silence, before saying it must be someone Americans can identify with and trust, mentioning the CEO of Ebay Meg Whitman, whose company on Monday announced plans to cut 10% of its workforce and reportedly suffered a 56% loss in the value of its shares over the past year.

He also mentioned Warren Buffett (who has endorsed Obama).

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