Friday, October 3, 2008

Cheney's best and worst

Asked during the debate last night what Dick Cheney's best and worst acts in office, Governor Palin said: his worst: accidentally shooting his hapless hunting companion; his best: supporting W's support of the troops.

This is an answer worthy of a vice-presidential candidate? Oy.

From a blog posting in the NY Times: Viewers who went into the debate liking her or disliking her probably saw more evidence to confirm their views. She reinforced her down-home, folksy “hockey mom” image with phrases such as “darn right,” “doggone it,” “you betcha” and “God bless her.” At one point, she delivered an obviously scripted riposte. “Say it ain’t so, Joe. There you go again.” A little hokey, but playing to the strategy of appealing to her demographic. Her fans probably loved it. Her detractors probably rolled their eyes.

Another entry quotes her: “Honestly, the Sarah Palin in those interviews is a little bit annoyed,” Ms. Palin said, smiling broadly, “Because it’s like, man, you know, no matter what you say, you’re gonna get clobbered.”

Well, that's politics.

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