Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Iceland Seeks Loan

In the ever-spiraling financial crisis we are in, this qualifies as amazing: the country of Iceland is seeking a loan from Russia to stabilize its economy. Granted it is a nation of only 300,000 people, but, still, a nation is in danger of going bankrupt? This crisis is serious. More than serious, this crisis shows that we are in a deep recession, and in danger of the recession being a long one. We are
falling into a big hole.

A story about Iceland seeking a loan appears on page 4 of today's Wall Street Journal. On page 5 appears an advertisement announcing "the Coaches Club in the new Jets Stadium." 2,000 seats available through a "once-in-a-lifetime auction." Seats "on the sideline around the 50" will allow buyers to go from their seats "to an on-field deck five yards behind the Jets bench, or to a members-only lounge with flat
screen TVs and complimentary cuisine." They will get "VIP tteatment with free parking adjacent to the stadium."

By itself that advert shows a mentality of elitism, of superiority; juxtaposed to the Iceland story, it shows the mentality that got us into the economic disaster we are in: pay more, get better treatment, enjoy life, enjoy yourself, feel good.

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