Friday, October 3, 2008

In Debate, G.O.P. Ticket Survives a Test

Palin acquitted herself, regaining some composure after her ludicrous interviews with Couric. Much of her performance was silly, calculated folksiness which only dummies will buy -- and they will buy.

It was not a tipping point for the embattled Republican presidential ticket, the bad night that many Republicans had feared. But neither did it constitute the turning point the McCain campaign was looking for after a stretch of several weeks in which Senator Barack Obama seemed to be gaining the upper hand in the race. Even if he no longer has to be on the defensive about Ms. Palin, Mr. McCain still faces a tough environment with barely a month until the election, as he acknowledged hours before the debate by effectively pulling his campaign out of Michigan, a Democratic state where Mr. McCain’s advisers had once been optimistic of victory.

A month ago there was much hand-wringing about Obama having lost momentum and being on the brink of losing. So much for pessimism.

“For more than a year, people assumed that if Obama was the Democratic nominee, the campaign would be a referendum on him,” Mr. Harris said. “The economic crisis changed that: the campaign is now a referendum on who can get us out of this mess. One of the challenges for the McCain campaign is going to be turn the race back into an up-or-down referendum on Obama.”

A commentator points to the usual nonsense spouted by conservatives, which, again, plays well with the uninformed and dumb: She also recast her television interviews as traps set by liberals, not unforced errors of her own. Awmygawd, what poop.

Palin and Biden Go Head-to-Head

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