Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Talkin' moose

It is silly season in the presidential campaign: two weeks remain, and the Republican ticket is in deep trouble, sinking slowly into the mire. MoveOn.org, a staunchly liberal group with lots of cash to burn, has come up with a talking moose advert.

MoveOn.org’s political arm released a new 30-second ad, “Moose,” today featuring a talking mounted moose head that will air in markets based on where Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s travels over the next two weeks.

The liberal activist group said the ad was spurred by the latest Washington Post/ABC poll out today that shows 52% of respondents stating they have less confidence in John McCain because of his choice of running mate.

The ad began airing today in Las Vegas in anticipation of Palin’s scheduled Tuesday visit. Since a candidate’s traveling schedule isn’t released too far in advance, a spokeman for MoveOn said the ad buys will be done in increments. Next up is Ohio, where Palin is scheduled to travel this week.

“You really gotta question John McCain’s judgment pickin’ Sarah Palin as his VP,” the animated moose says in the ad, who also, apparently, hails from Alaska, “We know her up here. She doesn’t have any national security experience. She can’t even explain Bush’s war policy. But she supports his war. And now she’s an expert because she can see Russia? McCain is 72 and she could end up in charge. She may be a little ‘trigger-happy’–I should know.”

The Alaska governor recently discussed the charms of moose hunting on the trail at stops in New Hampshire and Maine. “I know that we can count on the good people of New Hampshire because you’re a lot like the people of Alaska,” she told a crowd last week in Dover, N.H. “We all love good moose hunting, I know that.”

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee offered this response to the MoveOn ad: “Americans support the McCain-Palin ticket because it represents the real reform that our nation needs. Unlike Barack Obama and his left-wing allies, John McCain and Sarah Palin have a record of reaching across party lines and shaking up the status quo, and they understand that we need to keep taxes low for families and small businesses during our current economic crisis.”

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