Thursday, November 20, 2008

Experience Reigns, Not 'Change'

It amazes me how shallow much of the political analysis I've been seeing and reading recently. Good case in point is this article from today's Journal: Experience Reigns, Not 'Change'.

It discusses how many former Clinton Administration people are being recruited for the Obama Administration.

President-elect Barack Obama campaigned on the slogan of "change." But his early appointees, including two top choices that emerged Wednesday, show that experience is one of his main criteria.

The idea was change from the Bush Administration and its policies. Thus, appointing people who did not serve with Bush is change.

Each day brings news of more Clinton veterans at the helm, which is perhaps natural, given that many Democrats with the experience necessary for a top job worked in that administration at some point.

Perhaps? Where else are experienced Democrats to be found? Carter was President three decadess ago. [Whew! -- ed.]

Other picks are coming from Capitol Hill, building a bridge to the lawmakers whom Mr. Obama will need to pass his agenda.

Exactly: get people who know what to do, with experience, and whom you can trust; don't reject things out of ideological rigidity, and don't alienate people you will need.

Mr. Daschle's chief of staff from his days as Senate majority leader, Pete Rouse, will also be in the White House as a senior counsel. Phil Schiliro, a longtime aide to Rep. Henry Waxman with deep respect in Congress, will lead outreach efforts to the Hill.

One with deep respect in Congress is an excellent choice, no?

Grumbling over the lack of "change" is coming from the left and the right. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin has posted mocking pictures of the Clintonites populating the Obama White House and transition team. Writer and filmmaker Lee Stranahan, writing on the liberal Huffington Post, was moved Wednesday to defend Mr. Obama for his peace overtures to the Clintons. "Some of my fellow progressives," he wrote, "may find it ironic that Hillary Clinton – who wrote most of the script for the McCain attacks on Barack Obama – might end up as secretary of State if she decides to."

A right-winger is grumbling over the lack of change? What nonsense. And Huffingtonites are going to have to get used to the reality that President Obama will not adhere to their interpretation of leftist orthodoxy.

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