Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Marx revival

Seems old Karl is having a resurgence in popularity.

The credit crunch that has sent Britain reeling is providing a boon for supporters of the man who predicted the country's economic collapse more than a century ago – Karl Marx.

His timing was a little off.

After a decade of being largely ignored, copies of "Das Kapital" and other Marxist tracts are starting to sell again, and Marxist academics are back on the airwaves to revel in the misfortunes of capitalism.

Communist China and Russia aren't escaping unscathed, though.

In London, where Marx lived for the last 34 years of his life and where he wrote his most famous works, the Communist Party is struggling to keep up with demand for hammer-and-sickle enamel badges at £2.50 ($4) apiece, and £7 red flags. The party, which has never had much of a following in the U.K. compared with many other European countries, has ordered 3,000 red flags so far in 2008, far more than the 1,000 it normally needs in a year.

Red chic.

To capitalize on worries about capitalism, the party has two printers constantly churning out leaflets, including a recent one titled "The credit crisis: your questions answered."

If they can explain the crisis, they might be the only ones that can.

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