Saturday, November 1, 2008

North Korean Plane Was Grounded at U.S. Request

India blocked a North Korean plane from delivering cargo to Iran in August, responding to a U.S. request based on fears about the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

I still want to know where North Korea got its nuclear material; I believe it was from Pakistan and its rogue nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan.

An NY Times profile: Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is a Pakistani metallurgist and the father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. In Pakistan, Dr. Khan is considered a national hero despite his admission in 2004 that he said he sold nuclear technology to several countries. To the United States and nuclear investigators around the world, he is a rogue scientist who has failed to reveal the true extent of the dangers posed by the shadowy network he created.

I do not believe he could have carried out his smuggling without the knowledge of the Pakistani government. And Musharraf pardoned him.

In the U.S. presidential race, Democrat Barack Obama has publicly supported the Bush administration's diplomatic process with North Korea, while his Republican opponent, John McCain, has voiced skepticism.

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