Monday, December 22, 2008

Rinden homenaje a soldados decapitados

Among the decapitated bodies found in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mejico, just a couple of days ago, were military.

This item appeared in Autoridades militares y civiles rindieron esta mañana, en la 35 Zona militar, un homenaje a los siete efectivos del Ejército mexicano cuyos cuerpos fueron localizados decapitados en esta ciudad la madrugada de ayer.

We passed through Chilpancingo, both on the way to, and on the way back from, Taxco, travelling from Zihuatanejo. Small connection, yet a connection nevertheless. Small, indeed: the highway passing through Chilpnacingo was more a boulevard (as I know such from the NYC area) than a parkway or an expressway. Yet our travels and travails in and through the State of Guerrero are significant enough to me that any and everything connected with that trip are significant.

Los secretarios de Gobernación, Fernando Gómez Mont, y de la Defensa Nacional, Guillermo Galván, así como otros funcionarios participaron en la ceremonia en honor de los ocho militares ultimados en Guerrero; advierten reto del crimen a las instituciones

I'm impressed by the faces of the soldiers guarding the coffins of their comrades: closest to camera (on the right), the soldier is sneaking a look; his next two comrades are definatly proud; the next two are somewhere between resigned and observant; then there are the simply soldierly.

But think: a bunch of their fellow soldados have been found decapitated, their headless bodies swinging from a bridge; what are these soldiers thinking? There is no fear that I can detect. There is pride, there is defiance, there is courage, but no fear.

I can not fathom such stoicism, such courage.

Once we were stopped at a military checkpoint on our way. Then, and in every other encounter I had with military and police in Mexico, I found nothing other than utter respect and affection for the uniformed; they were unfailingly polite, friendly, forthcoming and reassuring in their presence and behaviour.

That suffices to explain my regard for, and opinion of, them. Descansen en paz.

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