Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Defense and No Apologies From Author of Fiscal Bill

The stimulus bill, officially called the Economy Recovery something or other Act, is being defended and attacked by pundits, talking heads, politicians, and others. Republicans ridicule it by pointing out it contained 50 million dollars for condoms; even Chris Matthews picked up on that one. Obama jettisoned it. The Wall Street Journal condemns it as wasteful. Republicans want more tax cuts, less spending. Democrats want more spending, less tax cuts.

In a New York Times article, Defense and No Apologies From Author of Fiscal Bill, about the HOuse member who authored it, David Obey, the following sentence jumped out at me.

Mr. Obey’s impatience, temper and occasionally cutting tone are well known. Even as he outlined the economic plan before Mr. Obama’s inauguration, he flippantly referred to the new president as “the crown prince.” The remark was evidence that Mr. Obey, like other veteran chairmen involved in writing the stimulus package, might not be entirely deferential to the new president until he proved he could exert his influence.

Much of that is going on: Republicans, even Democrats, are testing Obama, seeing how far they can push him, daring him to shows his toughness. I am confident he will show who is boss.

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