Friday, January 16, 2009

Plane Crashes into Hudson River

An amazing story. Terrorism, of course, was an initial thought. Seems the culprits were geese.

A US Airways plane from La Guardia Airport landed in the Hudson River shortly after takeoff. All 150 passengers and 5 crew members were reportedly safe. The plane is seen descending.

Passengers stood on the wings as they awaited rescue.

After floating for hours the large airbus hit land at Battery Park City.

I think that, in part, there was such a relief of being able to do something, especially in light of the feelings of helplessness on September 11, that this rescue become a cause celebre.

Bloomberg Hails Pilot and Rescuers

After being extracted from the water at Battery Park City by an oversize crane and a barge, the plane will be moved to a site where the cause of the accident will be investigated.

A Quick Rescue Kept Death Toll at Zero

Within minutes of the crash landing, an ad hoc flotilla of boats had reached the slowly sinking jet.

More photos, Friday afternoon:

"This was taken near the Tribeca area when the plane was towed downstream," wrote Edward So.

Life preservers and seat cushions floated in the water after the plane landed in the Hudson River.

Left Engine Missing From Downed Plane

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