Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harvard Friendship Goes on to White House

Jocelyn Frye, who has been a friend of Michelle Obama since law school, has become Mrs. Obama’s policy and projects director.

At Harvard Law School, they supported student demands for more professors of color, savored countless episodes of “The Cosby Show” and “L.A. Law,” and dreamed about how two idealistic black women might make their mark. Their legal careers took them to separate cities, but they never lost touch.

Jocelyn Frye became a passionate proponent of affirmative action and workplace equity and an advocate for women and families in Washington. Michelle Obama became a community organizer and a hospital executive committed to eliminating health care barriers for the poor in Chicago.

She is married to a Republican political consultant, Brian Summers, who campaigned for former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas in the Republican presidential primary race. (“We don’t talk much about politics,” said Ms. Frye, who is 45 and a Democrat. “Nothing good could come of it.”)

I don't understand such marriages.

Ms. Frye, who attended Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s wedding, never imagined that she might follow her friend into the Executive Mansion. She is the daughter of government workers — her mother worked for the Library of Congress and her father worked for military intelligence — who sacrificed to send her to private schools. She still lives in the predominantly black neighborhood where she grew up, just walking distance from the house she lived in as a girl.

Military intelligence?

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