Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kennedy, Knight of the British Empire

Not Sir Ted, but Knight of the British Empire: EMK, KBE,

Kennedy, Knight of the British Empire
by Sarah Wheaton

The Kennedy dynasty has been called Camelot. But today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy will actually become a knight.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown bestowed the distinction from the Queen on the ailing Mr. Kennedy during his address to a joint session of Congress this morning.

The British government released Mr. Brown’s prepared remarks:

And I hope that you will allow me to single out for special mention today one of your most distinguished Senators, known in every continent and a great friend. Northern Ireland is today at peace, more Americans have health care, more children around the world are going to school, and for all those things we owe a great debt to the life and courage of, Senator Edward Kennedy.

And so today, having talked to him last night, I want to announce that Her Majesty The Queen, has awarded an honorary Knighthood for Sir Edward Kennedy.

The Times of London explains that Mr. Kennedy cannot actually go by “Sir Ted,” because he is not a British subject, but rather he will have “K.B.E.,” for “Knight of the British Empire,” after his name.

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