Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Boiled Carrots

Dowd hits it again.

Barack Obama even needs a teleprompter to get mad.

I sure would like to see some ire. Larry Summers said the bonuses were "outrageous," but that contracts "can not be abrogated." What bullshit.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the president spoke a bit of Gaelic, dyed the White House fountains green and talked about his distant relatives in the tiny Irish town of Moneygall, aptly named since money and gall are the two topics now consuming him.

But Mr. Obama is still having trouble summoning a suitable flash of Irish temper at the gall of the corrupt money magicians who continue to make our greenbacks disappear into their bottomless well. He’s got to lop off some heads.

Exactly. Someone has to be pushed off the ledge.

As he watches the fury of ordinary Americans bubble up at those who continue to plunder our economy, he should keep in mind one of my dad’s favorite Gaelic sayings: “Never bolt the door with a boiled carrot.”

How apt.

His lofty team of economic rivals is looking more like a team of small forwards and shooting guards. At the White House on Monday, the president read reporters some tough talk from the teleprompter about the chuckleheads at A.I.G., accusing them of “recklessness and greed.”

Small forwards, indeed. How about yelling at someone?

But it was his own boiled carrots who acted shocked at bonuses that they should have known were coming, and should have dismantled before handing A.I.G. another $30 billion two weeks ago.

Exactly, which is why they are trying to control the discussion. They should have known, and, if they didn't, they're putzes.

What President Obama should have said to the blood-sucking bums at A.I.G., many of them foreigners who were working at the louche London unit, was quite simple: “We stopped the checks. They’re immoral. If you want Americans’ hard-earned cash as a reward for burning up their jobs, homes and savings, sue me.”

Exactly! We have a lot of lawyers.

"Their mythology starts with the false premise that these are irreplaceable geniuses,” says Cuomo.


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