Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speaking English?

Two items on the front page of today's Wall Street Journal caught my eye:

In the What's News column Business & Finance, this nugget: "PNC Financial cut its dividend 85% as the Pittsburgh bank vaguely pointed to shifting regulatory demands." Huh? Vaguely?

And in a story headlined Justice says CIA destroyed 92 tapes, the word memorandums is used. Well, it might be acceptable, but I'd say memoranda is better.

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. said Monday that shifting demands from the bank's government regulators, combined with withering economic conditions, had driven the Pittsburgh-based regional bank company to slash its quarterly dividend 85% to a dime.

During the conference call Monday, a couple analysts tried to ply more information from Rohr about how bank regulators are judging firms' financial health under the light of an almost unprecedented financial and economic conditions. But Rohr toed a careful line, and declined to say anything more than suggesting that oversight is growing more stringent.

Again, the grammar: a couple analysts? Oy vay, spare me.

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