Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Right-Wing Becklash

It’s not just liberals who are scared to death by Glenn Beck. Prominent conservative pundits are speaking out, denouncing his hysterics before he sinks the entire movement.

The guy is a nut-job, a wacko, perfect Fox man: fair and balanced, as long as the tipping point is on the extreme right wing. Fellow right-wingers are wondering about Beck.

"We’re not even three months into Obama’s term and already he’s screaming on air," Allahpundit wrote in one recent post. "How’s he going to deal with another three-plus years?"

Allahpundit write for Michelle Malkin's right-wing rag-blog, Hot Air.

"What the hell is going on at Fox News?" wrote David Frum, the former Bush official and conservative writer, in a recent column. He added, "There’s always been a market for this junk of course. Once that market was reached via mimeographed newsletters. Now it’s being tapped by Fox News."

Fox might just fall off the right edge of the earth real soon.

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