Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Wall Street Journal can't bring itself to be kind to President Obama in any respect; to me, that means Obama is doing great. In a survey the website asked voters to rate the president's job thus far: 70% of 11,000 voters gave him an F. An F!

One hundred days into President Obama's administration, there is little mystery about where the president's extracurricular interests lie.

Oval Office, Round Balls
Richard Nixon, seen bowling in 1969.

After his inauguration, the president hosted a Super Bowl party, correctly picked North Carolina to win the NCAA men's basketball tournament and sat courtside for a Bulls-Wizards NBA game. He works out nearly every day, sports a Chicago White Sox cap and plays pick-up basketball with his buddies. This week he played P-I-G against the champion University of Connecticut women's hoops team.

The president is also jumping into the fray on a host of controversial sports issues. A Democrat who believes in the power of government to force change, Mr. Obama is using his bully pulpit in a manner that could ultimately give him the most expansive sports résumé for any president since Theodore Roosevelt.

Obama: The First 100 Days
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