Friday, May 29, 2009

2 New York stories

Testy Bloomberg Calls Reporter a ‘Disgrace’ - He is the undisputed front-runner in November’s election. He is the richest man in the city. So why does Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg keep losing his temper?

Because he's a bully. Accustomed to having it all go his way, in adversity he finds patience difficult.

... on Thursday, he seemed to reach new heights of peevishness ...

Peevishness: an irritable petulant feeling; petulant: easily irritated or annoyed

At a news conference in Queens, Azi Paybarah, a reporter for The New York Observer, asked the mayor whether an improving economy would undercut his reasoning for seeking a third term. Mr. Bloomberg had argued, during the battle over term limits, that tough times required his steady hand and business background.

Which is nonsense.

Yet at the Queens news conference, Mr. Bloomberg said he was “very optimistic” about New York’s economy. (Thus Mr. Paybarah’s question.)

A good question.

Mr. Bloomberg cut off Mr. Paybarah midsentence, saying that “the rationale for extending term limits is, the City Council passed it, and the public’s going to have a chance on Nov. 3 to say what they want.”

The rationale he offers is nonsense, misleading, and a lie. He insisted the Council amend term limits that citizens voted in, bullied them into doing so, and got his way because of a spineless, ineffective City Council.

“I don’t think we have to keep coming back to that,” he said, adding, “When you have a serious question about the economy, I’d be happy to answer it.”

That question was a good one, because it probes the very rationale the Mayor offered for extending term limits. He just didn't want to answer it.

With that, the mayor concluded the news conference, thanked the audience, stepped away from a microphone and looked directly at Mr. Paybarah. “You’re a disgrace,” he snarled, nearly under his breath, but just loud enough to be captured by reporters’ tape recorders.

Later a spokesperson apologized. The fact remains Bloomberg is techy, short-tempered, and a bully.

Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times - Michael Mineo’s lawyers say his civil rights were violated, and are seeking $220 million.

A 24-year-old man who prosecutors say was brutalized by a group of uniformed police officers inside a Brooklyn subway station last October filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on Thursday against the city, the Police Department and four officers.

The midday attack on the man, Michael Mineo, led to indictments in December against three of the four officers named in the suit, including one who prosecutors said shoved his retractable baton repeatedly between Mr. Mineo’s buttocks, ripping his skin and causing him to bleed.

A spokesman for Charles J. Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, said the criminal trial for the three officers — Richard Kern, Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales — was scheduled to begin in September, with the next court date Sept. 15.

Mr. Mineo’s lawyers, Kevin L. Mosley and Stephen C. Jackson, filed the suit in United States District Court in Brooklyn. It seeks a total of $220 million in damages from the defendants

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