Friday, May 22, 2009

Cosa succede, Donatella?

An article in today's Journal, Bucked by Designer, Versace CEO Eyes Exit, had an accompanying picture that caught my interest.

That woman is only 54, though the botox in her lips is quite a bit younger. And young is what she strives to be, folling whom, exactly? Other than herself?

On 19 September 2007 the UK's Daily Mail had an article entitled: Donatella's face is beginning to crack, but is the sun or cosmetic surgery to blame?

Demi Moore, who herself is younger than she used to be, at least looked good, even great. But Donatella? The Daily Mail said: A healthier looking Donatella pictured in February this year with actress Demi Moore. (That was 2007) Miss Versace, a former cocaine addict, took over Versace after her brother Gianni was murdered in 1997.

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