Tuesday, May 5, 2009

G.O.P. Picks Conservative for Senate Judiciary Post

Senator Jeff Sessions, a conservative from Alabama, has struck an agreement to assume the top Republican position on the Judiciary Committee, making him the chief voice of the opposition in summer confirmation hearings for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

Should be interesting, for Sessions is, well, rather an extremist, and says some interesting things.

The ranking minority member of the committee and staff typically take on an adversarial role, combing through a nominee’s background and record in search of weak spots and flaws.

Adversarial should be a perfect fit for Senator Sessions.

The agreement, which is expected to be ratified by Senate Republicans, will give a prominent role to Mr. Sessions, who was blocked by the Judiciary Committee when he was nominated for a spot on the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1985.

Adding fuel to the adversarial.

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