Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honduran Diplomats on Opposing Sides

Jorge Arturo Reina, left, was a law professor to Roberto Flores Bermúdez. Both served as Honduran ambassadors.

“We have always shared the same values; then we separated,” Jorge Arturo Reina, the Honduran ambassador to the United Nations, said of his erstwhile ally, Roberto Flores Bermúdez, the Honduran ambassador to the United States. “He took one path. I took another.”

The rift is a lot harder to smooth over for the two ambassadors. Mr. Reina used to be Mr. Flores Bermúdez’s law professor, and later became his mentor.

Mr. Flores Bermúdez said he called Mr. Reina before he announced that he would be siding with the new government. He hoped the breach between them would one day be repaired. “We’re both thinking of our country,” he said.

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