Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'll be back ... somehow

Secretary of State Clinton will meet with deposed Honduras President Manuel Zelaya, emphasizing US support for his return to office.

In response, Mr. Zelaya was heading to Washington on Monday night -- and after meeting with Mrs. Clinton, will announce plans to try to enter Honduras again, said his housing minister Luis Roland Valenzuela, who was ousted with Mr. Zelaya. "It could be by air, sea or land," Mr. Valenzuela said. "We are not going to say where."

Once inside, what do they propose to do?

Deputy Foreign Minister Martha Lorena Alvarado said "We can talk about anything else but Mr. Zelaya's return to power. If he returns, he would have to be arrested and tried." She said Mr. Zelaya faces charges including treason that could bring a heavy prison sentence.

Perhaps they shoul;d have arrested him rather than exile him. Had they done so, his coterie of supporters surely would have raised a storm of protests.

What a coterie, n'est-ce pas?

Correa of Ecuador, Zelaya himself, Mauricio Funes of El Salvador, Cristina Kirchner of Argentina, Fernando Lugo of Paraguay, and OAS secretary-general José Miguel Insulza.

Honduras has been diplomatically isolated since soldiers, acting on a warrant from the Supreme Court, burst into Mr. Zelaya's house and arrested him in a predawn raid June 28. The court had ruled that Mr. Zelaya had illegally pushed forward on an effort to rewrite the constitution to remain in power.

That's the irony of it: he was breaking the law, defying congress, defying the Supreme Court.

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