Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He's back

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya dramatically reappeared in Honduras on Monday, almost three months after being forced out of the country in his pajamas -- sneaking back in and taking refuge in the Brazilian Embassy.

"I am here for the restoration of democracy," Mr. Zelaya said on Honduran television. He told local media he wanted to "initiate a national and international dialogue" that would permit his return to power.

Amazingly, he can say this with a straight face.

Close ally Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said Mr. Zelaya told him he traveled with four companions. Mr. Chávez hailed Mr. Zelaya's return and said his country stood ready to help him return to power.

And this guy, too. Were anyone to say what he says about Venezuela, he would charge interference with internal, sovereign matters.

It was unclear what Mr. Zelaya would do next. He has the support of the international community as well as the U.S., which canceled the visas of many officials in the interim government, and cut some aid to Honduras, one of the hemisphere's poorest countries. However, Mr. Zelaya's return is vehemently opposed by the country's institutions, including the congress, the courts, the armed forces and the powerful Catholic Church.

International community as well as the US?

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