Friday, April 11, 2008

Clinton proposes 100,000 new police officers on streets

Worthy proposal. Yet the Senator always manages to get her spin angle.

"I'm old-fashioned about that," she told a group at a YMCA gymnasium. "I think you should actually look for solutions to problems -- find out what works and execute. Enough with the talking, enough with the speeches, enough with the rhetoric."

So she's old-fashioned? Nice. Enough with the rhetoric? As she's making a speech, no less.

While Clinton pitched anti-crime measures in Pennsylvania, which holds its primary April 22, rival Barack Obama took aim at big corporate salaries. On day three of his four-day tour through Indiana, which holds its primary May 6, the Illinois senator called on Congress to pass legislation he has sponsored that would require corporations to give shareholders a non-binding vote on executive compensation packages.

Not to be outdone on lofty proposals, the Illinois Senator weighs in with his own lofty proposal. Geez!

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