Friday, April 11, 2008

Crackdown in Zimbabwe Is Said to Intensify

Zimbabwe is enveloped in turmoil after recent elections that Mugabe's party lost; Mugabe himself might have lost the presidential vote. In a sign of the Zanu-PF's imbecility, try this one out. Morgan Tsvangirai is the opposition's leader, head of the Movement for Democratic Change.

Mr. Tsvangirai claims to have won last month’s election outright, but Mr. Mugabe’s party has demanded a recount of the vote, even though no official results have yet been released.

So how does one call for a recount of a result that hasn't been announced? Sounds strange. is unclear whether Zimbabwe’s neighbors — many of them with political or fraternal bonds with Mr. Mugabe, a hero of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle against white rule — can or will do much to defuse the tense standoff.

That is the major problem: Mugabe's party (ZANU), and that of Joshua Nkomo (ZAPU) overthrew the hated white Rhodesian government. African leaders are loathe to dethrone him. Anti-colonialism was the vehicle through which many southern Africans threw out white oppressors and gained independence; that includes Zambia and South Africa.

Of course that is now history, and Mandela had a successor. Yet traces of racism remain. This crock is from that bastion of racism, the John Birch Society (the Internet makes finding information easy, yet the searcher must be careful to evaluate the results).

As President Jimmy Carter’s emissary to Africa, Young played a pivotal role — along with Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, and other Carter administration officials — in enthroning Mugabe’s terror regime and turning much of the Dark Continent into the nightmarish slaughterhouse of chaos and terror it has become.

Reference is made to Andrew Young, UN Ambassador in the Carter administration. But, the Dark Continent? My goodness, it isn't 1930 any longer. But the JBS has a particular point of view.

How could Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, a thriving, vibrant, multi-cultural example of Western-style civilization, once a shining beacon for Africa, have turned into hell on Earth?

Multi-cultural ? That isn't spin; that is outright lying.

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