Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Toil and Trouble

Maureen Dowd's take on the Iraq testimony on Capitol Hill.

The Surge Twins ... arrived on the heels of the Maliki debacle in Basra, which made it stunningly clear — after a cease-fire was brokered in Iran — that we’re spending $3 trillion as our own economy goes off a cliff so that Iran can have a dysfunctional little friend.

The twins are Crocker and Petraeus, ambassador and general, Bush loyalists. Lest this pair get all the deserved criticism, Ms. Dowd adds Secretary Rice.

Condi is too busy floating trial balloons about being John McCain’s running mate to bother about the fact that she was instrumental in two historic blunders: 9/11 and Iraq.

This after reporting on what Senator Hagel asked some basic questions. A confused Chuck Hagel asked the pair: “So, where’s the surge? What are we doing? I don’t see Secretary Rice doing any Kissinger-esque flying around. Where is the diplomatic surge? ... So, where is the surge? What are you talking about?”

Even Jewish grandmothers fit in: You know you’re in trouble when Barbara Boxer is the voice of reason. Amen.

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