Friday, June 6, 2008

Adviser Says McCain Backs Bush Wiretaps

Another issue that will be front and center in the campaign.

A top adviser to Senator John McCain says Mr. McCain believes that President Bush’s program of wiretapping without warrants was lawful, a position that appears to bring him into closer alignment with the sweeping theories of executive authority pushed by the Bush administration legal team.

No break from the failed Bush policies of the last eight years; McCain would extend the right-wing regime for another term.

Mr. McCain has long distanced himself from the Bush administration on legal issues involving detention and interrogation in the fight against terrorism, an approach that has sometimes aroused suspicion among conservative supporters of the Bush administration. But more recently, as Mr. McCain has worked to consolidate his party’s base, he has taken several positions that have won him praise from his former critics while drawing fire from Democrats.

Consolidate his party's base is to appease the right wing.

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