Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The GOP's Lame-Duck Push

The Journal's Op-Ed page's liberal. Hooray.

In his landmark 1938 study of political corruption, "The Politicos," Matthew Josephson recalled for his readers the final moments of the Republican 43rd Congress, meeting in a lame-duck session in early 1875.

Matthew Josephson? He was a liberal journalist, among whose other books was The robber barons: the great American capitalists 1861-1901. Yup. That Joshepson, whose name does not at all often appear in the Wall Street Journal.

It is in moments of defeat rather than those of triumph that politicians "show their real hand," Josephson observed. Masks are dropped in the stampede; brutal essence shoves aside compassionate appearance.

Though Cheney has never bothered about appearance.

A similar mood of desperation hangs over Washington in this last year of the Bush administration. Hence the panic: Whatever items remain on the business wish list must get done immediately, consequences be damned.

Arctic Wildlife and offshore drilling are the newest conservative rages.

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