Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So much for ideology

Two hard-charging political operatives are teaming up to create a bipartisan consulting organization to advise corporations in crisis -- as they work to burnish their own reputations as well.

Bipartisan, or beyond partisan? Power and money care little about ideology.

The political combatants, known for their partisan efforts, decided to combine forces to offer a one-stop crisis-communication and public-affairs shop to corporations caught in front-page headlines or faced with a changing Washington.

The deal was brokered by Robert Barnett, a Washington superlawyer who earlier represented each of them on their books. Mr. Barnett is increasingly a broker between strange bedfellows. He is currently negotiating between the campaigns of Sen. Clinton and likely Democratic nominee Barack Obama over relieving her campaign debt, determining her convention role, and making joint appearances.

Mr. Barnett just signed the deal for Clinton communications adviser Howard Wolfson to become an analyst for Fox News, after doing a similar contract a few months earlier for Bush political guru Karl Rove. Also this week Mr. Barnett negotiated on behalf of Marcus Brauchli, former managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, to become the new executive editor of the Washington Post. Mr. Barnett negotiated the financial terms for Mr. Brauchli's exit from News Corp. a few months ago.

This guy defines power elite.

"Karen and I have had so many of the same experiences in the White House and campaigns, and have worked around the world," Mr. Penn said. "But we agreed that we won't let politics interfere in our business."

No more need be said.

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