Saturday, January 3, 2009

Subcommander Marcos is back - Oy vay

The purported leader of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation makes an appearance at a summit of sorts, the First Festival of the Dignified Anger, or some such nonsense. No, wait, my mistake: the First World Festival of Dignified Anger; pardon me.

El Subcomandante Marcos, líder militar del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, conversa con el comandante Tacho durante la inauguración del Primer Festival Mundial de La Digna Rabia en la Universidad de La Tierra en San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas | Fotogalería | Ver nota
(That pipe looks amazingly Freudian, to coin a phrase. And silly.)

Participa el subcomandante del EZLN en el Primer Festival de la Digna Rabia; advierte que continuará la lucha zapatista hasta que se alcance la paz, la justicia y la democracia, sin trampas y sin simulaciones

He warned that the Zapatista fight will continue until peace, justice and democracy are attained, without traps or simulations. Fine enough. Chiapans are the poorest of Mexicans, neglected and forgotten, so the fight of the Zapatistas in a noble one, in that respect.

But then this guy spews more opinions, and he seems nothing much more than a tired radical anchored to the past. To put it mildly. A less mild, a less restrained, opinion might be, is, that he is an anti-Semite.

Proof? Get this crap: El Subcomandante Marcos del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) criticó la lucha que libra el gobierno mexicano contra el narcotráfico, al asegurar que la ha perdido. The SubCommander criticizes the Mexican government's fight against narco-trafficking, assuring that it has been lost. What? There are criminal drug cartels wreaking havoc across (not just) the north of the Mexican nation, killing people and displaying dead bodies in ways to maximize terror, gangs that use money and terror to corrupt government and keep people in fear, and Felipe Calderón has enough cojones to fight these thugs, to try and eradicate them, to loosen their grip on the nation, and all this twit Marcos can do is say sorry, but the fight is lost?

O, it gets better (or, sparing irony, worse):
En la sede de la Universidad de la Tierra, donde se han congregado casi dos mil personas de México y el extranjero, Marcos dijo que la globalización que lanzan Israel y los Estados Unidos caigan en cualquier lugar, para estremecer a las personas. In the headquarters of the University of the Earth (modest, ain't it? This editor should, and will, strive to limit commentary whilst translating), where almost two thousand people have congregated from Mexico and outside, Marcos said that the globalization that the US and Israel launch will fail, and some other crap.

So, where does Israel enter into the Chiapas equation? Well, as a cheap way to generate anger and deflect serious thought from real issues, it is always easy to attack the Jews. It is a time-proven tactic: blame los Judios for something, anything, just to generate anger and direct it toward the Jews.

En su participación, el Subcomandante se dio tiempo de criticar a Marcelo Ebrad, al asegurar que un gobierno de izquierda "asesinó a un grupo de jóvenes" que se divertían en una discoteca, pero extrañamente un sector de la izquierda "guardo silencio" y no criticó la violencia que ejerció la policía.

After praising the Iraqi shoe-thrower, he castigates Marcelo Ebrad, head of government of the Federal District of Mexico City, stating that a leftist government "assassinated a group of youngsters" that were having a good time at a discoteque, but strangely a leftist sector "keeps silent" and does not criticize that police violence.

So, the Jews, leftists and police are all to blame for horrible things. What else can this freekin' genius dream up?

La policía que está "preparada" para abusar contra jóvenes, contra vendedores ambulantes, colonos y ciudadanos que se disientan contra la instalación de una pista de hielo en el zócalo capitalino.

Well: the police is "prepared" to abuse youngsters, (street) vendors, settlers and citizens who dissent against the installation of a temporary ice-skating rink in the DF Zocalo. [Maybe he also objects to little green beings mucking up the evening sky, the high-frequency broadcasts of Martians (who clearly are in cahoots with Ebrad, the Federal Police and the Jews), and the black helicopters that kidnap innocent citizens and deliver them to extra-terrestials for torture and brain washing.]

Aun más y sin mencionarlo por su nombre, el zapatista descalificó la consulta que impulsó Andrés Manuel López Obrador, contra la reforma petrolera.

O, he also disqualified AMLO's criticism of the reform of the Mexican petroleum industry.

Oy vay, spare me. This guy is a twit. Look, I agree that AMLO and Ebrad are demagogues, old, tired leftists whose only program is to criticize President Calderón at every turn. As the Mexican petroleum industry slowly slides away, as the nation receives less and less revenue from an industry on an irreversible decline, these two can only criticize Calderón for trying to do something for the nation. Yes, Calderón is hardly a populist, and his actions are corporatist, yet they are also nationalist: to deny that the Mexican oil industry is in decline is tantamount to insisting that, despite what anyone might say, the moon is made of queso. Pure, unadulterated bullshit, lies meant to decieve.

Yet Ebrad and AMLO make little attempt to hide their paramount aim: to gain power. People understand that. Hell, what politician doesn't want power? Look at
Blagojevich and Burris in Illinois, and tell me you need more proof.

But this Marcos twit is on another level: what in damnation's name does Israel have anything to do with Chiapas, with Mexico? Nothing. Absolutamenta nada, Sub-Commandante. Absolutely nothing. And what is it with this Sub-Commander crap? If he's a sub-commander, who in the hell is the Commander? And how come the commander allows such a twit to represent the Chiapan revolt?

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