Thursday, April 16, 2009

All amateurs, but me

El Universal's webpage showed a picture of Sarkozy, and this caption: OBAMA CARECE DE EXPERIENCIA El presidente Sarkozy mencionó ayer a un grupo de parlamentarios franceses, que Merkel se vio obligada a copiar sus políticas, que Zapatero "puede no ser muy inteligente" y elogió al italiano Berlusconi.

Translation: Obama lacks experience, President Sarkozy said yesterday to a group of French parliamentarians; that Merkel was forced to copy his policies; that Zapatero "might not be very intelligent "and praised the Italian Berlusconi.

What a curious choice: Silvio as the best of the bunch. Zapatero not very bright, Merkel has no resolve, and Obama is inexperienced. Well, yes, Obama has been president for less than two months. Wonder what Chancellor Angela and President Zapatero think of Sarko's judgment, as well as his lack of discipline (he did leak this, or told parliamentarians that leaked it, perhaps conveniently).

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