Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mexico Governor Ensnared

Mexican policemen escort accused members of La Familia drug cartel in Leon on Wednesday; the cartel is accused of fatal attacks against federal police and Mexican soldiers.

A Mexican state governor found himself in an uncomfortable spotlight on Wednesday after police issued an arrest warrant for his half brother, a federal congressman, on charges he belongs to a dangerous local drug cartel called "La Familia."

Leonel Godoy, governor of the state of Michoacán for the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, said he had no idea whether his brother, Julio César Godoy Toscano, was involved in anything illegal. He also said he wouldn't resign and had nothing to hide.

"I know some people would like me to resign, but I'm not going to give them the pleasure," the governor told reporters.

A curious answer.

Late on Tuesday, Mexico's Federal Police said that Mr. Godoy Toscano, who won a seat in Mexico's Congress July 5 for the same PRD as his brother, was in charge of ensuring official protection for the cartel in several districts throughout the state, and reported directly to a major cartel boss.

Mr. Godoy Toscano, who police said was called "the Lynx" in the drug underworld, is missing and considered a fugitive, said Monte Alejandro Rubido, a national security spokesman for the federal government.

Experts say drug gangs are getting more involved in financing political campaigns for several reasons, including an attempt to blunt the crackdown on drug gangs launched by President Felipe Calderón.

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